Michaelmar Phils., Inc (MPI) is one of the many companies that has increasingly become aware of what corporate social responsibility is.

Through the years, MPI has engaged in various charity works which dates back during its early years in Ermita, Manila. Feeding programs and gift giving activities during our Founding Anniversaries and Christmas Seasons were the constant activities.

On July 9, 2022, Michaelmar Phils., Inc. conducted a gift giving activity at Brgy. Palanan, makati City. Grocery baskets were distributed to 50 indigent families while 50 school age children received health kits as well. View Photo

On September 13, 2022, majority of the staff participated in the national bamboo planting activity led by the DILG at Wawa Dam, Rodriguez, Rizal. What made the event significant was the month of September is declared as the International Bamboo Month and September 13 happened to be the birthday of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. View Photo

Another charity work was conducted on December 16, 2022. In the spirit of Christmas and gift giving, fifty-five (55) Noche Buena packages were distributed to the indigent residents of brgy. Palanan, Makati City and an additional 120 gift bags for children. Various games were also prepared to liven up the occasion. View Photo

We have also participated in the clean-up activity at the Manila Bay, Dolomite Beach on October 7, 2023. In our small way, we are able to contribute in the rehabilitation program of the Manila Bay. View Photo

MPI takes pride in sharing that we have also involved ourselves in volunteer works at the Arnold Janssen Kalinga Center in Tayuman, Sta Cruz, Manila. The first visit to the Center was on November 25, 2023 (View Photo) and another visit was made on January 13, 2024 (View Photo). During the visit, more than 300 homeless individuals were given free meals and baths. Before leaving the Center, all of the beneficiaries received their gift packages containing face towel, cup noodles, 3 in 1 coffee packs and biscuits. With the generosity of the MPI officers and staff, MPI was also able to donate three Balikabayan boxes of assorted used clothes for the homeless visitors.

Surely, thes activities have made an impact in the lives of our chosen beneficiaries and community that Michaelmar Phils., Inc. belongs.

Not only does Michaelmar Phils., Inc. care for the marginalized member of the society. We likewise care for the universe we live in. We believe that we have a moral obligation to do our part in preserving and taking care of it. One way to achieve this is to continue supporting the government’s projects for the preservation of the environments.

We intend to continue doing these CSR Events in the years to come as our way of giving back to the community and take an active and positive social role in the place we belong.

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